“Through my work and fascination with women I offer a different perspective onto female sexuality, which is full of resilience, kindness, humour and seductiveness.”

Any pose you can think of, Simone Steenberg has captured. Seriously.  Dazzling work with playful explorations of women and their bodies in different forms. With a knack for composition and colour, each photo has surprising elements. There is a truth in her pictures. Taboos don’t hold her back; she photographs sexuality and the female bodies in many forms. A yoga pose stretched over a fully set table, a woman climbing a mountain in her knickers, someone staring into the void with lime green mascara.

Never not fashionable, her work shows the most imaginative outfit and make-up choices. Her photos tell different stories, alternatives to conventional norms and beauty standards. In this way, she presents an alternate reality. 

In Steenberg’s sculpture, installation, performance, and photography practices she offers both a harsh critique and a playful romp through the cultural and environmental implications of the world of fashion.

Whether employing the visual language and technical artistry of renaissance chiaroscuro to compose arresting portraits of classical female beauty, or the visual language and collaborative production of high couture fashion magazine editorials:  Steenberg reflects and presents a female gaze that (with a knowing nod and a cheeky wink) invents refreshing narratives and effectively uses the master’s tools to dismantle the master’s house.  We can seriously ask ourselves what happens if the person behind the camera, the model, and the spectator are female? What male gaze? These images are taken by, of, and from a female perspective.

Soon, we can show you the inspiring new work that Simone installed and photographed during The Wild Residency Wonder Up A World in Italy. So stay tuned!

Written in collaboration with the curator of The Wild‘s Wonder Up A World Jocelyn Burke (IG/website). You can find more information and pictures on Steenberg’s IG and website


Copyright Simone Steenberg


Hunger-Tv-Simone-Steenberg-2-414x500 (1)
Copyright Simone Steenberg


Copyright Simone Steenberg



Copyright Simone Steenberg


Copyright Simone Steenberg


Copyright Simone Steenberg


Copyright Simone Steenberg





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