Call for papers: Biting the hand that feeds you

Call for papers:
Biting the hand that feeds you
how to navigate the problematic art world?

Is it impossible to shake being un(der)paid in the arts? Everyone working in the art world has heard the justification: “but you’re doing what you love?” Most people are aware of the Janus-faced nature of the art world as well: action house revenues generating over 1 billion in a week, and at the same time there is a high level of unpaid labour. 

One could say that our beloved art system is rotten. It does not only need unpaid labour to keep afloat, but many players in the art world also assume not to have the privilege of examining where the money comes from. From Philip Morris. BP. The Sackler family. Kanders. 

I think it’s time to rethink our options on how to navigate this conflicting art world as artists, art historians, curators, academics, writers and other art professionals. How can be we critical of the status quo if we’re dependent on it?

Therefore, I’m looking for people willing to reflect on the topic of challenging the establishment and the repercussions. It’s not the intention to merely criticize the predicament and leave it at that. Like a salon or forum, I would like to open up the discussion about the status quo from different perspectives. How can we navigate the art world when it is entrenched with vexing critical issues? What is our role? To what extent are we sustaining “reputation laundering” and disparities of the distribution of wealth? What are the things we could and should do? What are the consequences? 

These reflections can be in the form of an essay, artwork, or interview, and I’m open to other ideas. You can email a proposal to The tone does not need to be academic, only if you prefer it that way. 

The issue will be published as the first issue of online CONUNDRUM MAGAZINE at and promoted via the related IG handle qandart. I will also apply to get the artworks and essay exhibited at the exhibition space at Central Saint Martins. More information here:


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